Ulrich Baer

Ulrich Baer is a writer, translator, and scholar who has published books on poetry (Remnants of Song: Memory and Experience in Charles Baudelaire and Paul Celan; Rilke's Letters on Life; The Rilke Alphabet), photography (Spectral Evidence: The Photography of Trauma), and the relations between memory, testimony, trauma, and culture (Hannah Arendt Between the Disciplines, ed. with Amir Eshel; The Shoshana Felman Reader, ed. with Emily Sun and Eyal Peretz). He is the author of Beggar's Chicken: Stories from Shanghai (short stories), the forthcoming novel We Are But A Moment, and as Vice Provost at NYU oversees faculty, arts, humanities and diversity in addition to teaching poetry, philosophy, and globalization as Professor of German and Comparative Literature.


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