Susie Linfield

Susie Linfield writes about the intersection of culture and politics. Recent topics have included Syrian torture photographs (The New York Times and The New York Review of Books Daily), left-Zionism in Israel (The Boston Review), and the children of the Rwandan genocide (Dissent). Her latest book is The Lions’ Den: Zionism and the Left from Hannah Arendt to Noam Chomsky (Yale University Press, 2019), in which she explores the views of eight leftist intellectuals in the U.S., France, and England. Her previous book, The Cruel Radiance: Photography and Political Violence(University of Chicago Press, 2010), was a finalist for the New York Critics Circle Award and has been translated into Italian, Turkish, and Korean. Linfield writes for an array of publications, including The NationGuernicaBookforumThe Boston ReviewApertureThe New York Times Book Review, and Dissent; her essays have been translated into Italian, French, German, and Spanish. She has lectured throughout the U.S. and in Germany, Israel, Turkey, Ireland, and Norway. In 2013 she was the Holtzbrinck Fellow at the American Academy in Berlin. Linfield serves on the editorial boards of Dissent and Photography and Culture magazines. At NYU, where she is an associate professor of journalism, Linfield was instrumental in building the Cultural Reporting and Criticism program, which she formerly directed. Prior to joining the faculty at NYU, she was the deputy editor of The Village Voice, the arts editor of The Washington Post, and the editor in chief of American Film. Linfield was born and raised in New York City; as a child and teen she studied at George Balanchine's School of American Ballet and danced with the New York City Ballet.


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