Paul Berman

Paul Berman is the author of two books about the leftwing generation of 1968 and its evolution in different parts of the world, A Tale of Two Utopias and Power and the Idealists; two books about Islamism and why we have trouble understanding it, Terror and Liberalism (a New York Times best-seller) and The Flight of the Intellectuals; and a children's book, Make-Believe Empire (illustrated somewhat primitively by the author). His books have been translated into fifteen languages. His edited anthologies include Debating P.C. and Carl Sandburg: Selected Poems (American Poets Project of the Library of America). He has won various awards; has taught at various universities, including the University of California (Irvine), NYU and, most recently, Princeton; has served on the staff of various magazines; and is currently a columnist at Tablet and at Il Sole 24 Ore's IL magazine in Milan.

Photo of Paul Berman and bronze statue