Marcia Pally

Marcia Pally teaches at NYU in Multilingual Multicultural Studies and holds a guest professorship at Humboldt University, Berlin. She is the recipient of several grants from the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and was a Fellow at Berlin's Institute for Advanced Study (2007, 2010). Her research interests include the intersection of culture, religion, and politics, and the influences of culture on language use and learning. Her most recent book is America's New Evangelicals: Expanding the vision of the common good (Eerdmans Publishing, 2011), her book on theologies of relationally will be out in early 2016.

In addition to her academic work, Pally has been a columnist in the U.S. and Europe for over 20 years, and is the author of two books on censorship. Sex & Sensibility: Reflections on Forbidden Mirrors and the Will to Censor was a finalist for the Mencken Award of the Free Press Association. She has written for The New York Times, The Guardian, The Village Voice, The Nation, Internationale Politik (German Council on Foreign Relations), Die Zeit, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Südduetsche Zeitung, Die Tageszeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau, among other periodicals.


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