Joy Connolly

Joy Connolly is a classicist, political theorist, and essayist. She is the President of the American Council of Learned Societies. Previously, she was Interim President and Provost of the Graduate Center of the City University of New York and Dean for the Humanities and Professor of Classics at New York University. Her main scholarly interests are Greek and Roman ideas about politics, rhetoric, and aesthetics and their purposive conservation in the modern world.  She is currently at work on two book projects: one on Hannah Arendt, the other on radical appropriations of Roman ideals in eighteenth century England and America.  She also writes about poetry and fiction, and is co-editing, with Nancy Worman, an Oxford volume on ancient literary theory.  Connolly is deeply interested in modern and contemporary art, and has worked as a player/interpreter with the Berlin-based artist Tino Sehgal in pieces mounted at the Marion Goodman Gallery and the New York Guggenheim.



Photo of Joy Connolly