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Ellen Handler Spitz

Ellen Handler Spitz writes interpretively on the arts and psychology, on matters aesthetic, and on children's cultural lives. Author of seven books, beginning with Art and Psyche, and including an about-to-appear eBook called Magritte's Labyrinth, numerous articles, essays, chapters, and reviews in scholarly publications, Ellen has written for The New Republic, The New York Times Book Review, The Baltimore Sun, The Brooklyn Rail, artcritical, and The Chronicle Review. Her publishers include Random House, Yale University Press, Columbia University Press, and the University of Michigan Press. Her books have been translated into Italian, Japanese, and Serbian.

Ellen has held fellowships at the Getty, the Bunting (Radcliffe) Institute, the Center for Advanced Study at Stanford, the Camargo Institute in France, the Rutgers Center for Childhood Studies, and the Erikson Institute. She lectures internationally. As Honors College Professor at the University of Maryland (UMBC), she teaches seminars in the humanities to gifted undergraduates. Beyond academics, her background includes training in the visual arts, dance, and psychoanalysis (non-clinical). A devotee of classical music, theater, and dance, as well as the literary and performing arts, Ellen lives in Baltimore and New York City.



Photo of Ellen Handler Spitz

Photo of Ellen Handler Spitz