David Cohen

David Cohen is publisher and editor of artcritical.com, the online magazine of art and ideas, and moderator of The Review Panel. He has been active as an art critic, independent scholar, exhibition curator, and panel moderator since the 1980s, in London, where he was born, and from the 1990s in New York, where he now lives. He was art critic for the New York Sun from 2003 until the newspaper closed in 2008 and gallery director from 2001 to 2010 at the New York Studio School. For the last ten years he has been the moderator of The Review Panel, a lively debating forum of contemporary art criticism hosted by the National Academy Museum in New York and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia.  

The author of a monograph on the collages of Alex Katz, Cohen’s current research interests are highly diverse, to include the British abstract painter Richard Smith, the uses and abuses of photography by painters, and the iconography of martial costume in late medieval and renaissance depictions of martyrdom and cosmic battle.