Richard Sieburth

In addition to his various editions of Pound for the Library of America and New Directions, Richard Sieburth has published translations of works by Hölderlin (Hymns and Fragments), Büchner (Lenz), Benjamin (Moscow Diary), Scholem (The Fullness of Time: Poems), Nostradamus (The Prophecies), Scève (Emblems of Desire), Labé (Love Sonnets & Elegies) Nerval (Selected Writings [PEN-Book-of-the-Month Prize]; The Salt Smugglers). Michaux (Emergences-Resurgences; Stroke by Stroke), Leiris (Nights as Day, Days as Night), and Guillevic (Geometries). He is currently working on a translation/edition of Late Baudelaire for Yale, for which he was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship. He teaches French, English and Comparative Literature at NYU.


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