Pierre Hohenberg

Pierre Hohenberg received his PhD from Harvard University in 1962. After postdoctoral positions in Moscow and Paris he was a staff member at Bell Laboratories until 1995. During the period 1974-1977 he was also a professor of Physics at the Technical University in Munich. From 1995 to 2004 he served as Deputy Provost for Science and Technology at Yale University. In 2004 he moved to NYU as the Senior Vice Provost for Research, until 2010, when he joined the Department of Physics as professor. He became emeritus in 2013. His principal areas of scholarship include condensed matter physics, statistical physics, non-equilibrium phenomena and more recently the foundations of quantum mechanics and the philosophy of science. He is well known as one of the originators of Density Functional Theory and of the Dynamical Scaling Theory of critical phenomena.


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